Solar smart bench next to the running track in Zagreb
Solar - smart bench Solar - smart bench

A new generation street bench
Future of smart cities.

Steora is world's best street bench. Its beautiful and timeless designs hides multiple functionalities.

Perfect size and shape make Steora the ideal street bench for making any outdoor location more beautiful.

Powder coated strong steel construction is completely weather and vandal resistant.
Laptop on smart bench
Steora smart bench USB charging mobile device
Solar powered.

Beautiful, completely black photovoltaic modules are developed and produced specially for Steora, making it more energy efficient.

Advanced controller inside the bench enables battery charging even when PV modules are covered from the sunlight while users are sitting.
Advanced device charging.

Steora's main feature are chargers for charging different type of devices.

Bench provides two USB ports with beautiful ambient light for charging any type of device using USB cable.

Wireless charger integrated in acrylic glass cover enables charging without using cable. Just set your device on the charging pad to charge it wirelessly.
Solar smart bench USB charging mobile device in Split Croatia
Steora smart bench with drone and mobile device
Superfast Internet connection.

Wi-Fi speed up to 433 Mbps* makes browsing experience like never before.

Special controller takes care for your security while reading news, using social networks or shopping online.

Steora can be connected on the Internet using SIM card, Ethernet cable or optical fibre cable.
Data gathering.

15 sensors inside Steora monitor everything that happens on and around the bench.

Each second sensors are gathering data about air parameters, bench usage and system state.

All gathered information are available for customers through the dashboard.

If anything happens, system immediately alerts customers and our technical support department
Girl sitting on smart bench
Steora smart bench in Zagreb near the fountain
One design, five types.

Steora is available in five different types, all in same, beautiful design.

All Steora models have same core — PV modules, device charging, Wi-Fi, ambient light, data gathering, cooling system and the dashboard.

What differentiates every model are additional features. E.g. Steora Urban -super bright 19" display, or Steora E for indoor usage.
Steora is recognized by**

* Refers to LAN speed
** Some of above mentioned cities and/or organisations are not direct customers, but do have installed benches on locations they own.