Monna - Country
Solar - smart bench Solar - smart bench

A whole new cycling experience
Welcome to the world of smart cycling equipment

Monna is the most advanced multifunctional bench ever designed – for both urban and rural areas.

Using the best from our best-selling Steora smart bench – charging smart devices, Wi-Fi, street light, digital advertising, sensors, data collecting – we have created a solar powered cycling point that comes with bike racks, repairing tools, and electrical sockets for charging electric bicycles.

Monna and bicycle
Monna aelectrical sockets
Electrical sockets

Two smart electrical sockets operated by 7" display provide up to 250W of energy for charging electric bicycles, laptops and other electronic devices.

While designing our electrical sockets, we had safety of Monna users in mind, adding two layers of user protection. Sockets automatically shut down when it rains or when exceeding energy consumption limit.
Repair your bike – smarter

Using Monna's 7" display for controlling smart air compressor or tools was never easier.

Simply set the required amount of air pressure on display, connect the air hose to the tire valve, and click START on display. When adequate air pressure is reached, the charging will stop.

A stainless steel tool set with standard screwdrivers, 6 regular wrenches and 8 hex keys of various sizes enables easy repair of any type of bicycle.
Monna Bike repair kit
Monna CITY
Ride around the city

Monna City is a perfect cycling point for urban locations, such as city squares, marinas or parks.

Its basic functions are 100% solar powered, and do not require any additional power supply, or infrastructural adjustments. More advanced functions – electric bicycle charging sockets, outdoor digital display, CCTV system etc. - require AC grid power.

With its simple, balanced design and convenient size, Monna City brings a touch of modern aesthetic to outdoor spaces while also serving as a multifunctional cycling stop point.
Monan City
Monan Country
Reach the hilltops

Monna Country is our most powerful cycling point model, designed for countryside locations, such as countryside cycling routes, hills, etc.

Its basic functions are 100% solar powered, and do not require any additional power supply, or infrastructural adjustments.

Larger and more powerful solar panels allow Monna Country to perform more advanced functions, such as electric bicycle charging sockets, running entirely on solar power, and eliminating the need for AC grid power.

Monna Country allows charging of electric bicycles even on the most inaccessible locations, thus extending cycling range on countryside routes.
Technical specification