In line with our mission to create amazing technology products, our highly skilled R&D team works on development of both hardware and software solutions designed to improve lives of urban users.

Having R&D in-house in effect means we have the capability to develop any IoT, or solar powered solution for smart cities in a timely manner.

Our products are in accordance with mandatory European directives: EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, LVD 2014/35/EU, Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU. This is a guarantee that they are in compliance with CE, and therefore completely safe for outdoor usage.


Behind our powerful hardware is a team of highly skilled electonics engineers.

They are in charge of designing and setting up various components (PV modules, batteries, controllers, chargers, Wi-Fi, built-in sensors, light, display screens etc.) which turn hardware structure into a powerful IoT and energy efficient device.

All our products are first put to test for reliability, security and endurance in our in-house testing lab, and afterwards certified by CE for safety and compliance with mandatory European directives.


We don't just make beautifully designed hardware – it has to be smart, too.

What makes our products smart is a great software designed to make physical hardware devices to work, and communicate results efficiently through the dashboard for easy user experience.

Our highly skilled in-house team of Back-end, Front-end, and Embedded developers is behind programming and designing software solutions that make our Steora smart benches the most technologically advanced on the global market.


We are continuously collecting feedback, following overall usage experience, and various industry trends and developments in the spheres of Smart City, IoT, GreenTech and Out-Of-Home Advertising.

Based on the findings, our in-house R&D team comes up with new ideas for improvements of our current products, and future development of new smart solutions for digitalization in sustainable environments.