How come the bench does not have a back rest?
Our bench was designed to fit seamlessly into any environment, and allow seating from all sides. A back rest would disrupt this concept and potentially create problems with charging since shadowing negativelly affects the energy yield of PV modules.

How many days can Steora work without sunlight?
This depends on several factors such as the number of bench users, amount of sun and clouds in the course of a day, etc. Usually, Steora can function normally up to 5 days without direct sun exposure, before the primary functions start to power off to save the battery. USB charging ports are the last to shut down.

How long does it take for a bench to be fully charged?
In summer days, Steora can charge its battery system within 1 day, while in winter this can take up to 10 days. That is why Steora is mostly in standby mode during winter (this refers only to Steora Standard, as all other models are AC grid connected and maintain full functionality throughout the year).

What surface should the bench be installed on?
Steora has to be installed on a solid surface – concrete, asphalt or stone. The surface needs to be at least 10cm deep. In case of Steora Standard, the bench location has to be directly exposed to sunshine.

What is the difference between Urban and Urban+ smart bench?
The main difference is in type and quality of display. Steora Urban+,has five times brighter display, and is meant for outdoor advertising; Steora Urban is a better fit for indoor advertising.